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March 05 2018


Anti Piracy Protection for Original Work Online

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Any website is subject to hackers and intelligent criminals who steal information. While this situation is destructive and devastating every time it happens, it is especially damaging to creators of courses, images, videos, films, and any other original work. An online training course that took some expert eight months to design, draft, market, and launch can be stolen and passed off as someone else’s work. A link can be embedded onto the website that allows a criminal to sell that course and collect the money.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, was passed to protect all digital material that is copyrighted. There are software products that are designed to detect infringements and shut them down, but success may not be high for some website owners. The software is mass-produced to suit general needs for DMCA protection, leaving little protection for unique websites or businesses that do not fit into the box of ordinary programming or website design. In those cases, infringements will not be detected.


The best way to protect intellectual property, finished original projects, books, or other information products is to hire a professional dmca takedown service. Companies that specialize in detecting and eradicating copyright infringements, such as DMCA Takedown Czar, provide services beyond software protection. The one-size-fits-all approach provides mediocre results. That means a clever hacker who hides a link in the information can continue to profit from your work because the link is not detected or cannot be eradicated because the source cannot be determined.

Better than General

There are too many categories of information vendors and products to settle for general software protection. What is successful is a dedicated protection program for each industry that can be customized to suit specific needs of every client. Backing that up with highly trained teams skilled at detecting infringements most other companies miss provides each digital property owner with their own Takedown Czar for measurable results.

The return on the investment (ROI) is high, and the process begins with a free consultation. Established categories, such as law firms, authors and publishers, music producers, and trading vendors, among others, can be found at dmcatakedownczar. If original work does not fit into any categories, simply click on the box labeled “Other“ and provide a brief description of the business along with contact information. The advantage of customized solutions is that can be applied to new circumstances and situations. Do not settle for less when it comes to creativity and original work.

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